160 Federal Street

The office renovation at 160 Federal Street, Boston’s Art Deco landmark building that was once home to the United Shoe Machinery Corporation, is inspired by the building’s history as a manufacturing facility, highlighting the shift from handcrafted to machine-made goods. The programmable layout is thought to bring natural light deep into the small angled floor plates as well as to open up 360 degree views of the Boston skyline.

Using hi-tech and low-tech as contrasting yet complementary concepts, finishes and furniture were chosen to highlight both ends of the spectrum. The sleek glass walls, thin linear lighting and polished furniture contrast with more specialized details, such as stitched wall coverings and articulated factory hardware.

All parts of the building are dominated by gray from dark to light gray. Instead of giving the impression of being monotonous, the gray color actually creates a minimalist atmosphere that is simple but functional at one time. To take advantage of the space in the hallway, you are given a seat that is planted on the wall with lights and cushions so it is comfortable.

The utility piping is left visible on the ceiling by giving it a white paint that matches the color tone of this office. The pantry is made open with an industrial and functional concept using a hanging rack as a storage for cutlery.