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Cross : Pen and Paper are Still Irreplaceable

Formerly located at 0 Brattle Street in Harvard Square, this prototype store for the legendary pen company, A.T. Cross, took its cues from the history of classic American office furniture to present a new image for the Rhode Island-based company. Selling all the elements necessary for expression and communication, including pens, A.T. Cross utilized the design of the ‘pen wall’ as a major element of kiosks that was implemented across the country.

This stationery shop displays a different atmosphere with a product that looks luxurious and elegant. The lights used in the shop provide a highlight that makes the items on display more attractive.

The colors chosen on shop displays are also of great concern. The selection of colors with warm tones and characterizes the pen company that has become its identity.

The items displayed in the middle of the shop are neatly arranged on a high pedestal with the bottom part having the function of keeping hidden stock items.

Products are displayed in minimalist display racks with warm white and brown wood tones. This minimalist display makes the product look more prominent and luxurious.