District Hall

District Hall, located in South Boston’s Seaport Square, is a city-sponsored standalone innovation hub, a first of its kind in the country. This one-story pavilion is also the first completed building on Seaport Square.

Created as a coaching environment for innovators and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and host events, this space has developed into a multi-purpose community center where students learn, hydrated runners, and professional workers socialize.

Built on the site of a former seaside rail yard, the building’s architecture is inspired by the materials and shapes by the industrial uses that characterized the area.

The building has a restaurant and cafe [Gather and Brew], a gathering room, a gathering room with seating and work desks, and a series of flexible spaces. Outside, the adjacent garden was designed in collaboration with Reed Hilderbrand Landscape Architects.

Geometric shapes in a very unique arrangement are combined with the lights that highlight the building. Both the lights at the entrance to the building, the lights on the writing on the building, and also the lights on the ceiling that follow the pattern of utility pipes with interesting colors.

Apart from having a function as a place to eat, the cafeteria in the District Hall also has another function, namely as a place to gather and relax while exchanging ideas. The cafeteria has a very large, unfinished space with lots of chairs and tables and even sofas that allow people to eat while having a discussion.

At certain events, this cafeteria room can be used as a space to hold product exhibition events or gatherings by removing chairs and turning this room into a hall for standing parties.

Serving breakfast and lunch, as well as coffee, wine and beer to District Hall customers, inviting diners to relax in the center’s posh cafe seating or engage in discussion, exposition, or workshop. Bright green walls and warm CNC milled surfaces reflect the colorful LED lighting above.

One part of the interior that attracts attention is the unique arrangement of lighting. Bright neon colored disco lights are arranged following utility pipes coupled with the support of several downlights in the hallways.

From the main hall of the District Hall there is a direct door to the Gather + Brew which supports the general functions of the building with breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

The Gather was designed based on a core District Hall experience: unifying Boston in the Innovation District. The rustic American food at this restaurant is lit up by the warm glow of dozens of light bulbs suspended from a cloud of CNC coated wood that are tightly designed to control sound, reflect light, and create intimacy in an industrial space inspired by District Halls.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Boston Harbor skyline. The H + A team of interior designers worked closely with our architects to create a stunning palette of materials, textures and colors to enhance the dining experience in the city’s new innovation hub.