E-Scape: a Retreat for an Artist-in-Residence - House Decades

E-Scape: a Retreat for an Artist-in-Residence

Designed in response to an Esplanade Magazine design charrette in just 24 days, the ‘E-Scape’ dune shack is a three-season house on the Cape Cod Province Lands that was designed as a retreat for an artist-in-residence. Esplanade Magazine asked six architectural firms to ‘design a beach house they’d like to see built.’ H+A’s entry was published alongside entries from Glavovic Studio in Florida, Webber + Studio in Texas, David Gauld in New York, and Boston’s Moskow Linn and Ruhl Walker.

In the bedroom, a ‘sky window’ offers views of the stars while long openings around the house’s perimeter frame views of the ocean.

The house plan with minimal bulkheads maximizes natural light and natural air that enters the house so as to make this rest house more comfortable.

The light house is raised a full level to minimize foundations and displacement of landscape. An opening in the deck admits a floating stair from the dunes below and a second stair provides access to a sand deck over bays that collect rainwater on the roof.

On the ground floor, there is a shower which can be used to clean the body before entering the house. The water that is flowed in the shower linked with the flow of water in the water pool above it, thus simplifying the utility of its drains.