Flour Cambridgeport - House Decades

Flour Cambridgeport

Flour Cambridgeport is the third H+A-designed location of Joanne Chang’s popular bakery-café chain. Located adjacent to a biomedical office campus, the space is inspired by a Scandinavian design sensibility, featuring natural materials and contemporary forms.

The main counter area is clad with a white oak slatted wall with intermittent white and blue washed strips of reclaimed wood. The café’s walls are designed for merchandising and digital menus that reinforce Flour’s brand identity. Behind the counter, white herringbone tile adds texture and provides a backdrop for the marble countertop and pastry display.

A modern, free-standing fireplace anchors the lounge area, surrounded by an array of comfortable seating. Each element contributes to a rustic, modern feeling that contrasts the nearby laboratory-oriented campus. While each Flour location remains distinctive, a consistency of color, material, and a recognizable pastry counter unifies the chain.