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Flour Novartis : Boston-based popular bakery and cafe

Boston-based popular bakery and cafe chain, Flour, was invited to set up a commissioner location for employees on the Cambridge Novartis campus, designed by H + A keeping the aesthetic of the Flour brand that started at Flour’s fourth location on Clarendon Street in Back Bay, also designed by H + A.

This project includes a sandwich preparation bar, a display table for baked goods, commercial kitchen clothes, lighting, and wallpaper that H + A designed using fun menu board illustrations from Flour. Wooden door leaf with black steel frame matches the bar table.

The color that dominates this bakery is gray accented with a touch of electric blue and bright yellow which suits the industrial minimalist concept that will be created. The menu board uses a blackboard with a striking chalk color that attracts attention with bright lights with a beautiful play of light.

The illustration of the ingredients and tools used in the cooking process is a very interesting and authentic detail as part of this bakery branding.