FP3 includes two fully renovated 19th century warehouse buildings, a new adjacent infill building and a terraced 3-story rooftop addition, adding 76 luxury lofts, three restaurants and a lobby gallery to the Fort Point arts district of Boston. Through the unconventional use of materials and forms common to the areas’ industrial and mercantile past, FP3 reinterprets the architecture of the historic waterfront.

From the street, this building stands and looks very majestic with an iconic historical building decorated with old ornaments that look classic but are timeless. It becomes interesting when a rooftop is added with a “colliding” concept, namely by adding an irregular cube building mass made of glass and steel that is contrasting but harmonious.

This 3-floor rooftop is made with the building mass of each building in the form of cubes arranged randomly so that it looks not stiff and attracts attention. The dominance of glass and silver stainless materials gives a “cool” feel which is then combined with the “warm” nuance of the building underneath.

From the rooftop, we can enjoy views of the city of Boston from a height through the split level balcony on the rooftop which is equipped with minimalist white sofas and is beautified by vegetation that are arranged in pots which are also minimalist in accordance with this additional rooftop building.

The interior of the building has a modern minimalist concept with wood dominance which makes the room look warm, especially at the reception area with wooden floors, walls and ceilings that resemble a tunnel. The interior of the building does not have a lot of bulkheads, between one and the other rooms are left integrated except in private and service spaces.