Glass House: Retro’s Bar and Restaurant in Kendall Square - House Decades

Glass House: Retro’s Bar and Restaurant in Kendall Square


Glass House is a bar and restaurant in Kendall Square, Cambridge that has a unique retro style with industrial materials and minimal color palettes. This bar and restaurant have a ‘room within a room’ concept – a “glass house” – that acts as a dining room and dedicated space for meetings, events, and social activities.


This restaurant has two bars in it, the first bar is located in the middle of the restaurant with bold colors made of steel, copper and exposed wood. This bar has a more masculine tone and is decorated with bottles as ornaments.

Another bar is located on the edge of the restaurant in a more feminine style. The colors displayed are white tiles on the walls, Tosca chairs, wooden ceilings and copper lamps. The menu bar is displayed in a different way, namely by displaying copper writing on the wall which also functions as an ornament.


The retro industrial concept promoted by the architect displayed even in a small way, that is in the hallway resto. The partitions are attractive with geometric patterns made of steel which are a unique detail in the building.

Retro graphics are presented as markers for men’s and women’s toilets, details on the toilets are also highlighted through the selection of materials for the sink with retro green marble and tiles for the walls.