Granite Ridge Chalet: Western - Alpine House Design - House Decades

Granite Ridge Chalet: Western – Alpine House Design

Granite Ridge Chalet is a home to be built in Fall 2020 located within the resort area of Jackson Hole. The house has a ski-in-ski-out draws inspiration from traditions of mountain architecture native to both Western and Alpine cultures. Granite Ridge Chalet has three main facades and has a classic frame roof shape of 12,500 SF.

This house has a very attractive exterior design featuring local materials namely Atlas Granite, Western Red Cedar, and concrete formed from boards used throughout the building.

The home is accessible via an underground garage tunnel, a concept inspired by James Bond. the entrance is covered with a green roof system from native plants. In winter, the house is attractive because the wooden walls are warm brown in contrast to the whiteness of the snow.

Granite Ridge Chalet is built on mountainous land with high and low contours, so the construction of the building and the rooms in it are made to adjust by not doing a cut and fill system so that this building is able to adapt to the surrounding land.