H+A’s Studio

Studio H + A, located in the SoWa Arts District in Boston’s South End, was designed by their team of multidisciplinary professionals, blending architecture, interior design and branding. The studio is designed as an open workspace and includes a variety of seating, collaborative spaces, and multi-purpose meeting and breakout spaces.

Built by FKIA Studio, it is intended to invite team members and visitors together. At the back of the room, there is an extensive material library, a modeling area and a breakout room with large monitors and pin-up walls, facilitating creative work from touch to technology. Additionally, the team can enjoy a lounge adjacent to the materials library as well as a large kitchen, complete with a self-service coffee bar.

Throughout the studio, residential elements are combined with workspace-oriented furniture to create a professional yet comfortable balance, “make yourself feel at home”. Special metal work by Bartek Konieczny increases reception and gallery space, working in conjunction with movable panels to allow for flexible viewing of the featured work. This ultimately displays the reinforced value of integrated team discipline in completed projects.

The workspace is arranged in a semi-cubical arrangement with minimal bulkhead so that coordination in work can remain smooth. The warm nuance of the red brick and exposed wood material is supported by sunlight entering the room through the windows on the side of the room, thereby increasing the spirit of work.

The meeting room is simply designed with a long table and chairs in gray and orange colors to match HA’s identity. The meeting room is designed to be simple considering the function of this room which requires extra focus so that attention is only focused on the presentation material.

The ‘Swiss Room’ is a nod to its H + A roots, featuring a cuckoo clock and floor-to-ceiling wallpaper depicting views of the Swiss Alps. It was designed as an inviting private space for team members or visitors to step away or make phone calls.