IDEO Cambridge No.1 - House Decades

IDEO Cambridge No.1

The office is located in Cambridge, MA with an area of 14,000 SF and was completed in 2007. Two stories of a traditional office building were converted into a loft style studio for the Boston office of renowned design consultancy, IDEO. Known for its innovative approach to product design and branding, the space was conceived as an active and flexible setting for IDEO’s diverse talents and activities. A central communicating stair creates a connection between the two distinct studio floors.

This office has a modern minimalist concept with bold and “fiery” colors. The dominance of bright red and brown wood gives an uplifting effect to those who are active in it. Lighting with lights that are arranged elegantly and not overly. Stair railing is an interesting concern with the industrial concept, which is to expose a very unique geometrically arranged black steel material.

The kitchen, pantry and dining room are also a concern in design. The modern minimalist concept is still used but with a slightly different color tone. The dining room and pantry are still in warm colors, the white bar table with dark wood accents and the wardrobe with light wood tones are very warm due to the beautifully styled lighting effect. While the kitchen area is made brighter with the dominance of white which aims to give the kitchen a clean and spacious impression.