Jordan Lofts

Jordan Lofts is an adaptive reuse, multifamily housing, and mixed-use project in Boston’s South End. Located in the emergent SOWA district, the building was constructed in 1913 as industrial stables for Jordan Marsh & Company, a Boston-based chain of department stores. Today, Jordan Lofts holds 12 residences, a day care center, fitness center, and an array of lifestyle-related businesses. 

Ornate brickwork was preserved and excavated beams were salvaged while the structure’s flammable wood assembly was converted to steel and concrete. In addition, openings were created for large scale windows and balconies with views of the city skyline. The lobby was designed as a nod to the building’s original identity as a commercial stable. While the project was retrofitted with underground parking, historic facades and contemporary exterior interventions reinforce the neighborhood’s character where old meets new.

The exterior of the building is dominated by exposed brick, which looks different in the entrance area of the building with a luxurious emphasis. Doors and windows with dark wood frames combined with gold handles and gold colored logos give a very luxurious impression when combined with red exposed bricks. Large glass doors and windows let passersby see the warmly lit interior of the building.

Entering this building is greeted by a lobby which is a bit high above the arrangement of stairs which also functions as a seat to wait. This room has very minimal accents and furniture but is very functional to describe its function as a lobby with a reception desk.

This room is dominated by exposed material, stone as the floor and wood as the wall, on the other hand, exposed white brick is the background for the reception desk. The architects paid special attention to the ceiling with wooden beams arranged like fins with a grid interspersed with lights. In addition, exposed black steel is also displayed which functions as a supporting structure for the building.

The functional spaces on the next floor have a lighter color tone with a predominance of white and lighter colored parquet floors. The windows with louvers in black steel and glass let in the morning and afternoon sunlight as natural lighting as well as provide panoramic views of the city.