The surveillance module is located in a park on the outskirts of Mexico City. The building sits on a hillside, above the basement of buried concrete blocks to lower the volume level and, within it, is used to store equipment, tools and facilities.

In this basement is a standard size light wood structure, which will be closed both inside and outside to form a wall. The exterior panels are covered in a thin matt black steel skin to disappear into context, while the light expression gives the character of a mortal building in the garden.

The roof is removed from the wall to increase cross ventilation. Inside the building has a desk area, storage unit and toilet. It is the minimum program for surveillance personnel to develop their basic needs. The building is open with four windows, one on each side with a 360 degree view of the garden.

The structure is made of wooden frames which will be pre-fabricated in the workshop for easy assembly. Such a frame is placed at a wheelbase of 60 cm. This allows the designer to take advantage of both interior and exterior cladding panels. The structural wood frame consists of two parts, the first consisting of two 2 x 4 inch wooden posts, and a top beam, paired with a 1 x 4 inch plank; and the upper part, which will be used as the roof structure, is clamped between the paired beams, making them rigid.