Myers + Chang - House Decades

Myers + Chang

Conceived by a pair of renowned Boston restauranteurs as an “asian diner”, this 60-seat restaurant animates the street at Project Place Gatehouse, an H+A designed building. The lively interior includes eat-in service with multiple seating styles, an open food bar, and a designated take-out area. An eclectic mix of materials, colors, patterns, lighting and graphics reflects the two owners’ vibrant personalities.

This restaurant accommodates many visitors while maintaining comfort. Bar stools are arranged to face the outside windows in a neat line, while other bar stools are arranged in the preparation and ordering area of the bar to view the restaurant’s open kitchen. Meanwhile, in the middle of the room are arranged chairs and a more intimate dining table with comfortable leather chairs.

Similar to the inside of the restaurant, the outside is also arranged so that it can accommodate many visitors. Dark rattan chairs and tables are interesting to look at, especially at night, combined with the city lights and green restaurant plants.