OPTIROOM - House Decades


The Optiroom optics store is located on the first floor of a residential building in the old town of Kaunas. The interior of the store is a kind of cozy living room, where visitors can choose their own unique glasses or frames in a homely atmosphere.

Functionally, the store’s space is divided into three zones: exhibition, technical (optometrist’s office, utility room, bathroom) and lounge.

The exhibition area is as bright as possible with white walls and a high ceiling. Here, along the walls, on shelves with lighting, the main exhibition is located. Unique and more expensive glasses are placed on a free-standing rack. 

At the center of the space is an island with hidden storage and a glass display case. After him, you can, without haste, try on the samples you like. 

The island is echoed by the reception desk with a brass top and an embossed minimalist bottom of the pedestal, which duplicates on a smaller scale the decoration of the island.

Along the windows there is a lounge area overlooking the street of the old town. The walls and ceiling here are painted gray-green with decorative wall tiles with geometric patterns.

The wall separating the technical area of ​​the store from the exhibition is painted in warm gray shades of two colors: a dark top and a light bottom, following the idea of ​​dividing the wall in the lounge area with minimalist moldings and painting.