Porter Houses: Boston’s Architectural and Cultural Heritage - House Decades

Porter Houses: Boston’s Architectural and Cultural Heritage

The William Porter Houses are a significant landmark in the history of Boston and are among the oldest surviving structures along the neck of the original Shawmut Peninsula connecting what is now downtown Boston to Dudley Square. After decades of neglect and threatened with demolition, the complete restoration and preservation of this Federal era two-family home into five gracious condominiums stand as a symbol of the rebirth of lower Washington Street

The exterior of the building is dominated by exposed red brick with window sills in a combination of white and black woods color. its simple form and accentuating structure actually makes this building beautiful and monumental. The accent details on the roof in the form of a profile trim make this historic building more ethnic by maintaining rainwater channels which are also the architectural details of the building.

The details on the entrance provide support and become an important point of the building exterior. the wooden ceiling reflects the warm glow and is typical of the historic pendant lights. the white panels and trim on the ceiling match the entrance frame which makes for an attractive unity from the entrance.