Resistance Movement Pilates - House Decades

Resistance Movement Pilates

The Resistance Movement Pilates Studio located in the popular Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota is a complete build-out, providing a spa-like experience by harnessing natural daylight and highlighting the carefully chosen material palate.  

With a program of two large studios, a reception area, changing rooms, and back-of-house functions, the layout utilizes the existing buildings form by creating angular spaces that provide a dynamic sense of movement and procession. 

Clerestory windows and sliding barn-style doors bring additional natural light into the studios while the mirrored wall surfaces further expand light and views.

 Utilizing the exposed concrete ceiling and mechanical systems, the Resistance Movement Pilates Studio reflects its raw urban setting while the carefully crafted and minimal finishes throughout provide a soft and harmonious balance, helping to create this unique studio space.