Shops : Commercial Enterprises of the 1960s - House Decades

Shops : Commercial Enterprises of the 1960s

Shops Facade

The Shops project, a jhsf group venture, has a permeable architecture towards the city, where fruition of the street and connection with the neighborhood are valued. highlighted by its wide openings and fluidity in circulation, the concept references to the commercial enterprises of the 1960s. the windows face the sidewalk and can be seen from the street, which enhances the integration between the building and its surroundings. the same goes for the outdoor walkways, where the passage of people and the abundance of natural light establish straight connection between
architecture and users.

Vertical garden in shops

the presence of vegetation naturally accommodates the construction to its surroundings. the relation between building and urban landscape is also softened by picking clay shades for the cladding. produced with stones that accentuate such color palette, the concrete plates were displaced throughout the facade, thus creating planters between floors. the combination of elements refers to shopping cidade jardim, which also belongs to jhsf group and whose interiors are signed by studio arthur casas.

Interior dominated by wood materials

the spaces distribution in three large blocks was made among existing buildings on
the site, including the historic casa fasano. on the roof, the glazed ceiling connects
the volumes and highlights the commercial floors on the top floor, where the
restaurants area is located. with a vast garden, jabuticaba trees and loosely arranged
tables, this space was designed to refer to a pleasant street atmosphere.

Shops circulation