Society of Grownups - House Decades

Society of Grownups

H+A worked with financial group MassMutual and global design consultancy IDEO to design the first storefront location in Brookline. Both companies collaborated to create the Society of Grownups, an innovative concept to engage with people around financial issues. H+A worked with IDEO to implement all aspects of the physical design of the space, which involved a gut renovation of a former restaurant to accommodate this new program. Society of Grownups includes a café bar, library, classroom, financial advising rooms, an office, employee workspace, and new restrooms.

The entire interior has an industrial concept exposing “honest” materials, structures and colors. A cafe bar with a combination of black and seradi wood with a blackboard menu as a background. Round lights and plants to sweeten the interior of the bar.

The cafe and library area has direct access by providing a large long table as a reading area for visitors. One side of the wall is detailed with motivational words with an interesting retro design. Access to a more private space is limited by using a folding glass door which can still be accessed from the outside.