The Whitney Hotel - House Decades

The Whitney Hotel

Built in 1909 as nurses’ housing for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, the historic John Jeffries House sits at the corner of Charles Street and Cambridge Street on Beacon Hill, facing the Charles River. Purchased by Related Beal in 2016, the 65-room hotel was fully reconfigured, renovated, and expanded with a new four-story addition situated on the adjacent parking lot, including 21 new hotel rooms, a new entrance, lobby, and Peregrine, a Mediterranean restaurant and bar by the owners of Juliet in Somerville.

Overall, the hotel offers a prominent gateway to Beacon Hill, extends the pattern of storefronts and facades along Charles Street, and forms a private rear courtyard for hotel guests. In addition, the hotel is LEED Silver certified. Interiors are designed by Ealain Studio and the landscape is designed by Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design. Brand development for the hotel was designed by Korn Design.

The exposed brick exterior is made with advanced carpentry techniques that produce interesting brick arrangement details. The bricks are arranged in different positions on several sides which also mark the difference in floor levels.

This indoor bar concept restaurant has direct access to the outdoor garden in the middle of the building, which is very comfortable with sofas to mingle surrounded by green plants and a warm atmosphere created from the exposed brick color of the building’s exterior.

A different atmosphere begins to appear when entering the lobby area where this area is designed to be more minimalist with monochrome colors and detailed industrial spotlights on each room door. The indie-style painting detail becomes a point of interest from the end of the lobby.

Monochrome colors dominate the room with a combination of white walls and gray carpet floors with white accents. A large bed in a mix of gray, white, and black matches a gray sofa with navy cushions. The elegant impression is displayed through the frame and table with a touch of gold, and the fireplace is decorated with a profile as a detail.