ZAFIRO - House Decades


Zafiro is a building in the city center and is located in the middle of a busy city. With the concept of a functional multi-storey building, Zafiro has a simple shape with the main mass of an L-shaped cube. The color of the exterior walls, which is dominated by light gray and white, is in line with the glass which also acts as an exterior decoration. To balance the modern minimalist concept on the exterior of the building, the dining area is given a long pot filled with plants on the balconies of each room grid and at the rooftop.

Likewise, in the public space on the ground floor, there are trees and plants that function as shade and are also given light steel chairs to rest or just chat under the tree. Entering the lobby, the interior of this building still has a modern minimalist concept with light color tones of white walls and wooden walls on the other side.