Zaslow Studio

Zaslow Studio was designed for Boston food photographer Francine Zaslow. Architects create a comfortable space for clients to deploy with laptops, work on layouts, and collaborate, coming up with concept plans and designs for optimal functionality and seamless transitions between work areas. The studio’s household touch softens the overall industrial aesthetic and offers a level of comfort to ease long shoots. Glass partition walls allow in natural light to make the studio action visible while still providing privacy.

The concept carried in this building is industrial by displaying honest materials such as exposed concrete, wood, black steel, bricks, and even pipes which are allowed to become ornaments without having to be hidden. This concept makes the wall hangings in the form of photographic works on display stand out and attract the attention of building users.

The kitchen is directly connected to the firing room, facilitating circulation from private meeting rooms to the food preparation area without interruption. Post production has its own workspace with wardrobe-mounted storage and additional space for backgrounds and props.