101 Ericas Lane is a residence with a modern minimalist concept. 101 Ericas Lane has a main mass in the form of a massive cube arranged randomly to create a form that has unity and harmony.

101 Ericas Lane is a modern family home that enjoys recreational activities at home. For that the architect designed a large swimming pool behind the house complete with lounge chairs by the pool.

On the other side of the swimming pool, there is an outdoor area that functions as a bar with bar tables and bar stools lined with black tones combined with wood so that it fits the outdoor concept but is still warm.

In the semi-open area by the pool there is a large sofa to relax in and a dining table that can be used while enjoying a barbeque. The entire outdoor recreation space in this house provides warmth when gathering with friends and family. All facilities are linked by a walkway that divides a beautiful garden.

Entering the indoor area, the interior of the house is dominated by white and gray tones combined with wood. This house has a lot of openings in the form of windows and wide glass doors that provide access to sunlight as natural lighting and access in and out of air as natural ventilation.

The living room and dining table area does not have a divider so that occupant interactions can be warmer. The large wooden dining table is matched by a unique pendant lamp made of wooden branches. The elegant impression is raised through the marble walls, sofas and dining chairs with beautiful velvet materials.

The kitchen area is dominated by white with a touch of gray on the bar stools. The white color in the kitchen gives a clean impression, combined with an elegant marble table. The kitchen has a window which gives a view of the pool.

The bathroom is also dominated by white and combined with beige so it gives a clean but warm impression. The spacious bathroom is given natural light through the large glass windows which also provide views to the backyard.

The entertainment area in the house is manifested through a small but functional fitness room, as well as a mini theater for watching movies on a big screen and comfortable sofas.