1127 Noyac Path is a house with a modern-classic blend style. 1127 Noyac Path has a unique exterior with brown wood panel slides to finish the exterior walls of the building. The roof with a matching color makes the exterior of the 1127 Noyac Path building into a beautiful unity.

In the backyard of 1127 Noyac Path there is a large swimming pool with two different depths. A large square pool has a deeper depth than a smaller circular pool. This circular swimming pool can also provide hot water that can be used to soak while relaxing. Around the pool are laid chairs and beanbags for relaxing.

The front facade of 1127 Noyac Path is designed simply with minimal ornaments and details. The entrance is emphasized by a canopy measuring approximately 2×2 m and plants as a marker. The rest of the front of the house is very simple.

The interior of this room has a bright color tone dominated by white and bright wood, supported by large windows that bring natural sunlight into the room so that the inside of this building looks spacious. In addition to the large windows affixed to the wall, the light source is also obtained through the skylights on the roof directly above the stairs.

The living room area in this house is designed to be a functional and comfortable room. Seating arrangements, namely large sofas, single chairs, and long chairs are arranged without making the room look full. The broad impression is also obtained through maximum sunlight entering through the large windows on almost all sides of the room.

The kitchen is integrated into the bar which is connected to the island table. White and dark wood dominate this room. The white kitchen set with hpl finish gives a clean impression to the kitchen combined with wood finishing storage cabinets that give a warm impression making the kitchen room very comfortable and functional.

The fully white bathroom dominated by marble and glass materials gives a clean and elegant impression. The two combinations of these materials also give a wider impression to the room coupled with large windows that provide natural sunlight.