150 Camden

150 Camden in Douglass Park is a new construction residential apartment building located in the Lower Roxbury Neighborhood of Boston. The developer, The Hamilton Company, teamed up with H + A to design this new five-story building with 44 residential units built on vacant lots in the neighborhood.

The design of the building draws on the rhythm and scale of the nearby South End buildings on Tremont Street and Columbus Avenue, while the materiality and placement of the stones employ a contemporary interpretation of the condition of the attic roof.

The “head” of the building – at the intersection of Tremont Street and Camden Road – exaggerates the treatment of the material in the bay that repeats and is geometrically connected to its neighbors, creating a strong focal point along Camden Road.

There is a small space as a transitional space between the outside of the building and the inside where a long chair is placed to wait which is highlighted by a long yellow light coming from the building ceiling. Dark shades dominate this small space which comes from the dark brown brick walls, dark wood ceiling and black floor.

Go deeper there is a communal space to go up to the upper floor using the elevator. This room has a lighter color tone with light brown wood motif walls, the ceiling is also white with fin wood detailing in front of the elevator as a marker. In front of the lift are placed a long chair and a small table for waiting. Apart from using the elevator, to access the top floor you can also use the stairs in the corner of the room. In the staircase area, there is a very large glass window to provide natural light in this area so that it is not dark during the morning and during the day.

On the top floor there is also a communal space that can be used by public users. This room is bordered by a large glass frame so that it can still be seen from the outside. This room is designed with minimal ornamentation and is only filled with functional furniture such as sofas, single chairs, chairs, tables, standing lamps and carpets. Even so, this room is still comfortable to use for chatting, relaxing, or just seeing the city view.

The interior of the apartment unit is small but looks very spacious due to the bright colors on the walls, ceiling and floor. In addition, large glass windows in the corner of the room allow sunlight to freely enter all corners of the room. The use of light furniture and does not take up space also makes the apartment space more spacious.