This house has a sea view just a few blocks away. Much of this part of Manhattan Beach is very narrow and long. This, coupled with very specific zoning rules, leads to consistent architectural results, regardless of style.

The front facade is a group of staggered openings, with the entrance to the wall on the two lower levels, the opening at the upper level leading to views of the sea.

The building with a modern minimalist concept is dominated by wood material both on the exterior and interior. Additionally there are black steel accents used on the exposed building frame and door and window frames.

In the interior, a double-height space at the core of the house that serves as a family study space and is essential in breaking down the pancake effect common to homes in this area.

The floating staircase walls in the core of the house are built on all sides from reclaimed Chinese bricks.

The kitchen set in the kitchen is made with a neat and clean concept. By using wood, the storage cabinet looks like it is integrated with the wall. In order not to need a lot of extra space, the empty space in the middle of the kitchen area is used as a bar and dining table with a contrasting color, namely black.