601 Albany Street - House Decades

601 Albany Street

601 Albany Street is a six-story, 40-unit residential development located on the edge of Boston’s ‘Biosquare’ medical complex in the city’s South End neighborhood. Owned by The Hamilton Company, the new construction blends the influences of local artists’ studios and galleries in the area with a need to house the growing medical community. The height, massing, and distinctive ‘frame’ of the building are direct responses to the scale and materiality of Albany Street as well as its heritage of industrial and medical buildings. A multi-story aluminum frame provides an architectural signature for the building, accompanied by vertically modulated facades of brick, stone, and metal. Resident amenities include on-site garage parking and common area laundry.

The interior of the apartment building is designed simple and minimalist with light furniture. The room with minimal dividers with large windows that provide natural light to illuminate the space makes this apartment comfortable to live in.