95 Strongs Lane is located in Watermill, NY and is a pool house that functions as a rest shelter. 95 Strongs Lane is in the backyard of a traditional classic style house to be exact, on the pool side of the house.

95 Strongs Lane looks in stark contrast to the main house building, seen from the color that the main building has an exterior with bright shades of ivory white, while the pool house at the back has an exterior with dark shades, namely black.

95 Strongs Lane has a dark exterior with black dominating the exterior of the building. The walls are paneled in black with a ladder and window frames in jet black, masculine steel. Likewise, the poolside chairs for relaxing have a matching color, namely dark black.

Unlike the exterior, the interior of 95 Strongs Lane actually has a brighter feel with a predominance of white, but even so the furniture used still has dark tones such as black and dark wood.

The kitchen area of 95 Strongs Lane is designed simply but still with some interesting detail touches such as blending several styles into an attractive eclectic concept.

The light wood floors in the kitchen, white walls and ceiling give the room a wider impression. The use of light substrates, such as dining tables and chairs that are not too big and heavy, also gives the room a broad impression.

Just like the kitchen area, the bathroom and bedroom are also dominated by monochrome colors combined with brown wood. The bathroom is designed simply with patterned floor tile details so that it becomes a unique accent decorated with several plants that give the impression of arsi in the bathroom. The bedroom does not have many items but is still functional and comfortable.