AC NY Apartment

The apartment with a modern-eclectic style has a concept of showcasing artwork that is displayed and arranged randomly but still harmoniously. The colors of this room are dominated by earth colors, namely brown and cream.

The furniture used varies according to the eclectic concept that is applied. An artwork in the form of a large painting with a matching color is placed to fill one wall with a unique single chair.

Openings in the form of large glass windows are placed on one side of the room to let in natural sunlight as a natural illumination of the room.

The large soft light brown sofa is the main filler in the family room combined with two coffee tables with different styles, namely a glass table with abstract black legs and a soft table in Tosca blue.

This apartment has a small but functional kitchen in light brown tones. This apartment does not have a dedicated dining area. Only has a bar table which also functions as a divider between the family room and the kitchen area.

The soft nuance is very thick in the bedroom, dominated by light brown and soothing wood. Laying plants in front of the window provides a fresh impression for the room. Do not forget some artworks decorating some of the walls of the room.