ACL Apartment : Free Walls for Works of Art - House Decades

ACL Apartment : Free Walls for Works of Art

Pan Am Sofa by Arthur Casas, +55 Design; Vintage armchairs by Móveis Celina,
client’s collection; Armchairs with Metal Structure by Joaquim Tenreiro, client’s
collection; Reversible Armchair by Martin Eisler, client’s collection; Center Table by
Geraldo de Barros, client’s collection; Round Lateral Table by Arthur Casas, client’s
collection; JZ Tea Cart by Jorge Zalszupin, client’s collection;

The ACL Apartment was thought to hold an extensive art collection that permeates
every environment connecting them. The architecture project is authored by Arthur
Casas and co-authored by Cristiane Trolesi, from C+AD Arquitetura e Design. The
interiors were designed jointly by Arthur and the owner – a longtime friend of the
Studio, with whom Arthur has a lot of affinity to develop a four-handed project.

Jangada Armchair by Jean Gillon, client’s collection; Metallic Armchairs by Verner
Panton, client’s collection; Tiled Center Table by Adriana Varejão, client’s collection;

the biggest challenge was to simultaneously meet the demand for free walls for works of art, for shelves to house decorative objects and for generous environments, with wide spans and an adaptable layout. the solution was to extend the apartment’s social area and optimize the existing and new walls as much as possible. thus, a large main room was created, which incorporates a living room, library, dining room and entrance hall, integrating several environments in a single space.

the kitchen has a fully retractable opening, which allows an integrated or private configuration for the social area, in addition to providing the apartment with spaciousness, crossed air circulation, natural lighting and functionality. the intimate area house the master suite and guest bedroom, which connects to the tv room. for the lighting, a combination of direct and indirect light was chosen, with the purpose of highlighting the artwork and, at the same time, providing comfort and functionality for users.

to accommodate the collection of books and art pieces, the large library shelf was structurally reinforced and metal screens were installed on sliding rails – located in the center of the apartment and accessible only through the intimate area – to accommodate the artwork that is not displayed in the apartment.

In addition to the art collection, the client also has a rich collection of furniture
signed by big names of Brazilian design, such as the JZ tea cart, by Jorge Zalszupin,
and the coffee table by Adriana Varejão. Among the pieces are also furniture
designed by Arthur Casas 30 years ago and other contemporary ones, such as the
Pan Am Sofa and the Rino Dining Table

Rino Dining Table by Arthur Casas, Etel; Dining Chairs by Joaquim Tenreiro, client’s