AP | AMBASADOR: Contemporary Residence

AP | AMBASADOR is a residence with a contemporary concept combining modern style with the elegance of the past. The modern style is presented through the selection of furniture, while the past style is presented through the concept of space, including classic panel walls, ceilings with carved details on the corners, and wooden parquet floors with neatly arranged and quality details. This residence is dominated by warm natural colors such as brown, white and warm wood colors.

The dining room is integrated with the family room, while the dining room and kitchen are limited by a pantry table. The dining area is on the side of a very large glass window so it gets lots of natural light in the morning and afternoon. Meanwhile, at night, you will get artificial light from a chandelier with a unique shape just above the dining table.

The living room contains a large comfortable L-shaped sofa in natural colors and a large television set on the side wall with special details. As a point in the room, one side of the wall which also functions as a shelf is given a striking dark brown wood. The combination of soft and firm colors in this room does not make it a contrast but remains harmonious and gives a warm impression.