AP | ARCHER HOUSE: Dark Natural Residence

AP | ARCHER HOUSE is a residence with a modern minimalist concept which is dominated by shades of dark natural colors that give the impression of elegance and luxury. This home features a game of combining several materials and colors to create interesting details without needing to display too much decorative furniture that will only fill the room. The color combination of natural colors with exposed materials such as wood and marble provides a warm and elegant atmosphere in the residence.

The dining room contains a long dining table with nine dining chairs arranged lengthwise to adjust. Being on the side of a large glass window makes the dining room get lots of natural light in the morning and afternoon which makes it bright. For the night, the lighting comes from two crystal chandeliers shaped like an upturned umbrella. This residence has a hallway leading to the rooms with spotlights illuminating the hallway.

The kitchen area looks clean and tidy with storage space in the form of a cupboard that is hidden by embedding it on the wall. In addition, there is a pantry bar table to relax while waiting for food.

The workspace is designed simply without many accents to maintain concentration and focus on work, there are only work desks and chairs and a large bookcase attached to the wall. To beautify the room, a large painting of marble motifs with natural colors is placed.

The large master bedroom is still dominated by natural colors that have dark tones. The master bedroom has a spacious personal walkin closet that accommodates a lot of personal clothes. The dominance of marble gives a luxurious impression to the room.