AP | KAWS: Masculine Apartment Interior

An apartment interior with a modern minimalist theme that is thick with masculine nuances. All rooms in this apartment are dominated by monochrome colors such as black, gray, and white. In the living room there is a gray L-shaped sofa and a black hanging chair that is used to relax. On the other side there is a dividing wall between the living room and dining room and kitchen. There is a television on the dividing wall. The ceiling of the apartment has four horizontal strips of LED lights that give a futuristic impression, apart from the LED lights on the ceiling, there are also two vertical strips on the wall between the living room and kitchen. While other artificial light sources come from spotlights along the edge of the ceiling, orange lights give a warm impression to the room.

This apartment does not have a special dining room, the dining room is united with the kitchen with a minimalist concept. The dining table is in the form of a space-saving pantry, the dominance of black color makes the kitchen match the masculine concept, the kitchen walls and pantry table made of black marble are easy to clean and elegant. The kitchen set has plenty of space to store a lot of items but is still neat and efficient. On the other side there are large glass windows and glass doors leading to the balcony which provide plenty of sunlight to be a source of natural light in the morning and afternoon.

The bedroom is very masculine with the dominance of black in every element of the room, both walls and furniture. The dark tone wood floor gives a warm impression to the bedroom. There is an insulating wall between the bed and the walking closet behind it.