AP | MARBLE: Glamorous White Marble Apartmen

AP | MARBLE is an apartment with a modern minimalist concept dominated by white. The materials used in this apartment include dark brown oak in the kitchen set, and white marble that dominates the room. This white marble gives the room a glamorous and luxurious feel combined with lighting that is placed in such a way that it creates beautiful highlights.

The U-shaped kitcehn set made of dark brown oak wood is a striking thing in the white room. The kitchen has a lot of hidden storage space so that the kitchen stays clean and tidy. To save space, the dining table is made in the direction of the living room sofa so you can eat while watching your favorite shows on tv. The white marble dining table matches the kitchen cabinets and floor to create a glamorous feel.

A very unique chandelier with shapes and details resembling elegant snow crystals. The white light bulb contrasts with the black lamp frame that supports the lighting. While the supporting lights come from LED lights arranged in strips on the ceiling highlighting the room so that it is bright and elegant.