AP | ML: Classic-Modern Concepts at One Time

AP | ML is an apartment interior with a contemporary concept that combines classic and modern concepts at one time. The interior of this apartment is dominated by white and soft brown which gives an elegant impression. The classic style can be seen from the panel walls and ceilings which have classical carvings in some corners. Wooden parquet floors, carved panel walls, and marble materials add an elegant and classic impression. While the modern style can be seen from the furniture in a simple but elegant modern style.

The living room of this apartment is filled with a soft brown L-shaped sofa facing the television, equipped with two short coffee tables, an elegant combination of gold and white marble. The wall on the television side is also emphasized in the form of white marble in contrast to the other side of the wall in the form of panels with beautiful classical carvings.

The dining room has direct access from the living room, a dining table and dining chairs set with a modern minimalist concept with a simple design in black. Above the dining table there is a chandelier with a unique design that shines towards the dining table. The dining room has a more modern feel with wooden walls arranged vertically, besides that, a painting with a contemporary theme is placed with a striking turquoise color that thickens modern concepts.