AP | WHITE SAND: White Apartment Partitionless

AP | WHITE SAND is an apartment with a modern minimalist concept dominated by white. All the furniture and elements in this apartment are white, making the room look brighter and feel more spacious. The arrangement of this room is with minimal partitions between one room and another so that access is easy and does not take up space.

The living room contains a comfortable white L-shaped sofa with a rustic wood-cut coffee table. The white fur rug in the middle limits the living room area because the apartment doesn’t have many partitions. On one side of the room, behind the sofa, there is a large glass window that allows a lot of sunlight to enter and provides natural lighting in the morning and afternoon.

The uniqueness of this apartment is that it does not have a kitchen. The kitchen is “hidden” in the wall with space for storing groceries and cooking utensils while the stove and oven for cooking are embedded in the wall which makes the apartment neat and clean. A dining table made of wood and glass is placed on the side of a large glass window allowing residents to enjoy food while looking at the scenery outside.

Even the bedroom area is not given a special room that is closed, with a wall partition that also functions as a wardrobe, the bedroom is designed without a door so that it blends with other rooms.