Atelier 505 PH - House Decades

Atelier 505 PH

Located within the landmark construction of Atelier 505, Atelier 505 PH, this residence is designed for couples moving to Boston’s South End with a unique modern minimalist concept. All color tones and interior designs match the character of the owner which is then made personally especially for the owner.

Specially designed furniture for the kitchen, living room and bedroom space designed with clean lines and efficient use of storage. The warm wood finish contrasts with cool-colored materials and subtle textures to accent artwork and objects collected over the years.

The living room has a very unique color combination, namely cool colors like blue and white combined with warm colors from wood. One corner of the room is detailed with the placement of paintings and wooden cabinets which are the art corner of the room. Other wall decorations are placed over the fireplace. SOfa with shades of biaru and gray is very contrasting but in harmony with wooden lantau and planted bookshelves that are specially designed to match the shape of this living room.

The same concept is also applied to kitchens with wooden nuanced kitchen sets that are neatly arranged to “hide” the supply of foodstuffs and cooking utensils so that the kitchen looks neat and spacious.

The kitchen has direct access to the dining area which is connected to the bar. Just like the living room, in the kitchen there is also a corner with paintings and a cupboard that becomes a corner of art and storage. The dining table and chairs are in line with the sofa in the living room, which is grayish blue with a combination of shiny sainless legs

The apartment and its two terraces have views of Boston from each room, providing a dynamic backdrop to the tranquility of the modern fixtures and furnishings inside. One of the highlights is the lounge chair with a small table that you can use to sit, read or relax in front of the large glass window to enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Boston.