Avenida Atlântica Apartment

The flat is in a modernist building from the 50’s just in front of Copacabana beach, in rio de janeiro. the client required a second residency to enjoy with his many friends, therefore he was hoping to have wide rooms and open spaces. his good taste and interest in art and design made the design process exciting, as both client and architect have an aesthetic affinity.

The original flat had dark and heavy finishings that didn’t match the client’s wishes, and rio de janeiro’s atmosphere. very little was kept, only the structure and the tree round pillars in the living area.

The main design challenge was to integrate spaces and open views towards the sea. this was achieved by opening the window’s sill from the building’s lateral façade, making possible that the client can even see the ocean while lying on his bed.

The living area is amplified trough sliding doors that disappear inside the walls, and open to the kitchen and the office. these elements make the spaces extremely flexible to use, and the glass façade brings the sea view to all parts of the flat.

The elegant and clean design, along with the use of fine materials and neutral colors, highlighted the furniture design and the modernist architecture, and also let the astonishing view over copacabana bay invade the spaces.

Very special brazilian design pieces were chosen, like jorge ricardo and zalzsupin fasanello arm chairs, as well as coffee tables and dining chairs. there are also present works signed by nelson felix, caldas caldas, vergara, ianelli and zerbini, and maximum sunny.