Beacon Street PH1 - House Decades

Beacon Street PH1

The building is located in Boston, MA with an area of 3,200 SF and was completed in 2008. The extensive architectural renovation and interior design of this 3-bedroom Back Bay residence opened a compartmentalized floor plan, creating a flowing sequence of rooms unified by custom millwork, contemporary furnishings, and a mix of sophisticated art and accessories. Modern elements form an elegant setting for a couple whose return to urban living demanded a home comfortable for two, yet spatially expansive for entertaining family and friends.

From the entrance we are greeted by a hallway with sumptuous golden tones and sparkling chandeliers. The wood finish is applied to the doors, wall panels and ceiling combined with the light brown marble lantau and matching walls. The black stone statues are a point of interest at the entrance of this house with spotlights that give a dramatic impression.

The family room has a warmer feel with a combination of light beige and wood. The light beige walls give a sense of space combined with the wood-planting bookcase and fireplace with a contrasting dark brown marble. Wooden floors and wooden frames give a warm impression to the family room. The furniture used in the family room has a matching tone, namely a light beige sofa with a glass coffee table and comfortable black reading chair.

Open access is provided between the living room, dining room and kitchen. Elegant wood shades dominate the three rooms. The wood-walled living room is matched with masculine furnishings in black such as leather sofas, paintings and a fireplace with accent lighting. Whereas in the dining room the furniture used is dominated by bright beige colors such as fireplaces, carpets, and dining chairs with a long dark brown wooden table. The dining area has a very beautiful city river view. The clean concept kitchen is created through wooden cabinets that can “hide” kitchen utensils and other cooking needs.

The bedroom is dominated by ivory white with a soft lilac color combination that gives a calm impression. The lamps used have a soft light suitable for resting. The side table that is placed next to the bed is made “floating” so that it looks spacious and not much furniture. The top of the bed is a “hidden” wardrobe which is also an ornament in the room.

The bathroom uses beige marble on the floor and walls in a very harmonious black or white combination.