Beadle Buddy

A growing, young family moving into a home originally designed by a pioneer of desert modernism, Al Beadle, led to an exterior/landscape renovation to restore and build upon the mid-century desert appeal of the home that had been lost through the years while adding a garage to make up for the lack of storage and utility space that we call “Beadle Buddy.”

The design focused on detaching the garage from the house to preserve the quality of the original house while creating a courtyard space with a floating built in outdoor grill. The garage design pulled elements from the original house which received a new exterior color palette.

The landscape design is primarily low water, low maintenance while keeping a small yard for the young children to play in and adding a front walkway and courtyard defined by a “Haver block” wall to highlight the entrance to the home.

A custom cor-ten steel fence that echoes the positive-negative pattern of the detailed block work on the original house extends the livability and privacy for the homeowners and custom cor-ten steel planters for herbs and vegetables encourage growing some of their own food.

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