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Berezhki: Natural and Soft Colors House

Berezhki is a private house located in the Moscow region, Russia with an area of 210 sq.m. This house was designed in November 2019 and is currently under construction. This house was designed by architect Katerina Kuznetsova through the firm Simple Forms Interiors. A house with a modern minimalist concept which is dominated by natural and soft colors. A house with minimal bulkheads makes the spaces well connected and looks spacious. The living room, kitchen and dining room are in one public space area.

The family room contains an L-shaped sofa in soft gray color and a short circular coffee table made of natural wood. The living room area is lined with gray carpet markings. While the dining room contains a dining table set with bright terracotta colors, although striking, it still has a natural concept. The kitchen area is very simple with a kitchen set and a bar table with a white theme and natural wood.