Situated on a steep site against the mountain reserve on Nettleton Road in Clifton, this house is stacked vertically with the living & pool level situated on the uppermost double volume level. The lounge floats over the pool with a feature glass floor. Bedroom and entertainment spaces are arranged on the levels below.

From the entrance, you are greeted by a mini art gallery which also functions as a link between the upper and lower areas with a unique staircase made of yellow copper and glass railings. In this area, there are several works of art on display with various art genres.

This house is L-shaped with a green grass garden in the middle. The spaces facing inwards have a semi-open concept with minimal dividers so that the outer and inner spaces are well connected.

The living room, kitchen and dining room are located in one mass of the building without a partition with a high ceiling as high as 2 floors and has 2 views, namely the inner garden and a very beautiful sea view. The color tone in this area is dominated by gray and neutral wood.

One side of the wall of the public area is the dining room and kitchen. On this side of the wall, it seems like a showroom for masks and statues typical of Africa, which are arranged on a high dark gray wall. On the right and left, there are large and tall plants that give a fresh impression

The family room is more private, placed on the 2nd floor with an eclectic feel and style by placing furniture that has a different style. A futuristic table in the form of a deconstruction paired with a large comfortable sofa and artwork on display.

The bedrooms are very spacious with dramatic lighting. Large, comfortable furnishings are arranged in such a way as to create a functional and comfortable bedroom. Not forgetting some points of attention in the form of the artwork displayed.