Big Rop - House Decades

Big Rop

Big Top is a new build house on a uniquely shaped, vacant lot at the base of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. The design started with a large, cantilevered roof that tilts up towards Camelback Mountain, framing views and creating a continuous link between the front porch, great room, and rear covered patio through 3 pocketing glass doors. This roof became known as “Big Top”, a nod to the idea that family life can often feel like a circus under one roof. The layout of the social parts of the house was designed to provide a variety of ways to view of the mountain. The semi-public front porch projects out from the front of the house to grab views of the “camel head” part of the mountain, the hemlock clad ceiling of the great room tilts up to take in views of the rest of the mountain from the kitchen and dining room and 2 more pocketing glass doors open that space up to the rear covered patio that frames the same view to be enjoyed while living outdoors.