BLACK HOUSE: House in a Shaded Area

Design a one-storey house up to 100 sq. m with an exploited roof and barbecue area. Customers are a young married couple. The plot for design, with an area of ​​6 acres, is located in the suburbs of Kiev. The entrance to the site is located on the north side. In the south, the territory is adjoined by a forest belt of tall trees that shade half of the site. It was decided to place the house in a shaded area for several reasons: in summer, trees on the south side create natural coolness and do not overheat the premises; in winter, dropping foliage, they do not prevent the winter sun from entering the house and heating the rooms. Also, this solution allowed to preserve the natural illumination of the area in front of the house.

The layout of the house has clearly demarcated zones: day, night and utility. A utility area with a guest bathroom and a furnace at the entrance, the main daily area of ​​the kitchen-dining room-living room and a private area consisting of two bedrooms with an entrance from the back of the living room.

The main area in the house is a large kitchen-living room with an area of ​​41.6 sq. m, which is almost half of the total area of ​​the house. This room looks even more spacious due to panoramic glazing, which visually unites the interior with the area in front of the house.

The living room also serves as a transit function – from it you can go to both the bedrooms and the bathroom. The absence of classic corridors allows more rational use of the area of ​​the house.