Bluhm - House Decades


The project starts from understanding the environment and its topography. The proposed strategy is to plant the house in the back and underground. Achieve this way:

The closeness of the house to the ravine, taking advantage of the natural benefits that can not be changed, as well as the sound of the waters of the San Pedro River.

The location of the house on the lowest level of land, which implies integration with the garden and avoids the need to fill and maintain walls. The project adapted to the negative slope topography, resulting in two platforms connected through the parking floor slabs, and a road showing a slope that borders the access plaza and a sinking park.

Feelings of privacy with and towards neighbors. The constants of houses in this area, have planted houses in the upper part of the land, to have a large back garden area. By planting houses at the bottom, we can isolate ourselves from nearby buildings, and thus maximize our experience with ravines and rivers.

Having an arid landscape, where the cliffs with clay and earthen walls crashed, we decided to standardize this materiality using exposed concrete walls. Pigments are included in the mixing process to achieve the desired color. In addition, they are formwork with a half-pinned wooden stick to highlight the desired rough and imperfect texture.

Horizontal arrangement of the concrete volume overlooking the adjacent canyon produces continuity of the landscape, trying to dissolve at the location, as if it were always there.

To maximize the view of the abyss, an elongated prism is proposed that moves from side to side of the ground, pulling 3m from each boundary to comply with the regulations.

To provide the most space in a house with a flow view, the volume is broken, achieving a strengthening view. The angle produced by the break is oriented to the north, achieving ideal sunlight and thermal comfort. This angle will function as a complementary axis of the house, enriching its space.

The facade in front of the house where it was exposed to neighbors, has a metal plate grille that serves to blind the interior space of the house and produce the effects of light and shadow and blur the distant nature.