Boston Common TH

After a decade spent in this 19th-century townhouse on Beacon Hill, the owner chose to make changes with the aim of saving and rebuilding elements of historic significance. The colon renovation provides modern updates, including new structural frameworks, updated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and recirculation to accommodate elevators.

The lobby is small but thoughtfully designed from the entrance. The combination of white walls and randomly arranged stone walls is the backdrop for historic paintings and luxurious mirrors. Glass partitions are given to limit the inner space.

From the lobby with a glass partition partition with a black steel frame straight to the living room with a classic and minimalist blend concept. Minimalist seating with contemporary designs in gray paired with three colorful small tables that are a highlight. A classic feel is created through a marble fireplace in a luxurious classic style. The difference in space apart from being limited by partitions is also indicated by differences in floor materials, namely using marble and wood.

The ground floor is converted into an open plan that includes a kitchen space and a restored oval staircase in the center. The oval staircase has a very unique shape resembling a spiral with a classic wooden railing to match the painting displayed on the landing.

At the back of the house, a modern staircase with an open tread is added for secondary access to a formal living area on the living room floor where factory work and modern custom furnishings contrast with historic fireplaces, arched doors and separate light windows.

The kitchen area that is not too large is dealt with by clever placement of furniture. Such as sofas that are pressed against the walls and windows, decorative plate shelves made of planting, furniture cabinets that are almost flush with the wall, and dining tables that are attached to the kitchen bar so that this space is more efficient.

The family room has a very luxurious and elegant concept, dominated by soft monochrome colors. The furnishings are very classic, such as ancient grand paintings, old pianos, and a beautifully decorated fireplace combined with semi-modern furniture but still in harmony with the concept.

Throughout the home, the contrast between modern and historic elements is presented through the juxtaposition of materials, patterns and shapes.