Byron Place TH - House Decades

Byron Place TH

This house is located in Boston, MA with an area of 2,800 SF which was completely renovated in 2011. The challenge of this Beacon Hill house is to transform a historic carriage house with small, enclosed spaces and turn it into a cozy, light-filled home for a young family. The kitchen is the most significant renovated part of the historical building. A clean and elegant space is the heart of the house.

The kitchen area and the room are made to blend without dividing with the dominance of monochrome colors and wooden lantau. The kitchen area has many neat storage areas so that the elegant concept and clean space can be realized. The white kitchen set with easy-to-clean ingredients is the main character in this kitchen. Large windows allow natural light to freely enter the room

Skylights made on the roof of the center of the room provide natural light freely into the entire room which is then reflected by white walls throughout the house. Details remain on all parts including the perimeter of the stairs both in color and shape.