Casa Cayambe

Casa Cayambe is a cliff-edge building with a modern minimalist concept. This building has a main mass in the form of a cube with large windows as windows. This large glass provides a very beautiful view towards the bottom of the cliff with tall and fresh forest trees. The large glass also lets in the sunlight in the morning and during the day as natural lighting which makes Casa Cayambe energy efficient especially in the morning and during the day. The cool mountain air is also a natural air for the dwelling.

The direction facing the Casa Cayambe is a response to natural conditions, including wind and sun direction, making this building energy efficient. In addition, the direction of building openings is also a response to the natural potential of the site.

The interior of Casa Cayambe is still with a modern minimalist concept with the dominance of exposed materials such as wood and black steel. The combination of these materials gives a masculine yet elegant impression. The fireplace and firewood storage area is very uniquely designed with a cube shape in line with a minimalist concept.

The bedroom as well as the workspace has a mini living room to relax in, making this room comfortable to linger in. With a very large window giving a beautiful mountain view as a cooling atmosphere. The wooden panels arranged vertically give the impression of a taller building.