CASA NAKASONE : Vernacular Construction House in Rapid Development Land - House Decades

CASA NAKASONE : Vernacular Construction House in Rapid Development Land

The house is located in an informal neighborhood on the outskirts of Mexico City. This small house of 100 m2 with an area of ​​only 50 m2 on two levels was built for retired teachers. The client’s limited budget forces us to use the most common and cheapest construction materials and systems on the market.

During construction, architects work closely with local builders to reinterpret their knowledge of in vernacular construction systems. Initially, the project consisted of two twin houses on the same property, one for the client and one for his sister. In the midst of the construction of the first house, construction of the house in front of the property was canceled, leaving a large garden between the garage and the house built at the back of the property.

Due to the rapid development of the surrounding land, we estimate that within 5 to 7 years the house will be completely surrounded by informal construction. It is for this reason that the architects designed a volume brick with a concrete outer frame whose interior space revolves around the central terrace, avoiding the surrounding views. This terrace is the heart of the project.

Volcanic rock found on-site to build foundations, platforms, stairs, and perimeter walls of houses. The wooden mezzanine floors of the two bedrooms provide very attractive public spaces under a vigerian ceiling. All services and circulation are on one spine following a large stone wall, this spine grows two arms which contain the main public space on the ground floor and the private space upstairs.

The terrace connects the dining and living areas, and thanks to the climate of Mexico City, the terrace is habitable as an extension of the dining and living areas. Light plays a very important role in the house because all rooms have different light qualities depending on their use.