Chandler Studios - House Decades

Chandler Studios

Chandler Studios, a boutique hotel located in Boston’s historic South End, was designed to balance the needs of the modern urban traveler with the rich history of the existing building and its neighborhood. Traditional architectural details such as refurbished window casings and a historic stairwell were carefully curated to recall the character of the existing structure.

There is a contemporary look juxtaposed within the guest suites by introducing walnut flooring, integrated millwork, custom furniture, “pops” of accent color, and a large scale graphic image of the city’s historic elevated Orange Line, which once ran through the neighborhood.

All hotel rooms have the same concept and color tone, namely a combination of monochrome colors on the walls and floors, wooden furniture, and touches of white and red as accents. On one side of the hotel room wall, there is a large painting of the industrial atmosphere of the city such as the bridge and station structures, which have become city landmarks.